This is the life

If what you want is nothing at all…

Seriously it’s tough out here scuffling along trying to make music. You don’t have all the time you thought you had in life to find out about, what you thought you was going to find out about, when you was starting out. There’s a whole lot of music in the world to hear; I think this world is uniquely created to hear music, I mean I don’t imagine too many other worlds have the right acoustics for the gig, you know? Nobody knows really, but from what I can gather the probabilities are slim…

It’s better now, I suppose, than ever before, information age and what-not, to find something, but you got to work for it sometimes.

But sometimes something is just dropped on you. Sometimes it’s the right something; say you’re wanting to be a momma, and somebody drops a bundle on your doorstep…

I’m older now, and have a kind of idea to help somebody like myself some kind of way, from my own experience. Lord knows I didn’t have a whole lot of guidance coming up trying to play a gittar and make a record of what I done or something. And if you did make that thing, who the hell cares… unless you promote it relentlessly no one’s going to know except your own people, and they sick of you already.

Cut to the chase and tell ’em, Jefferson: One day I found a package on my doorstep, one of these music CDs. Not too shabby, the package really, but it clearly wasn’t part of anything mass-produced, I mean home-made looking, ‘artistic’. Now I’m an old guy with not much of a following, but there are a few who know about me, historically speaking if you get my drift. I guess someone thought I was the right momma for this baby.

No Location is the title on the thing, which is funny because, I used to work at the post office and that’s what a package gets marked as, if the mailman can’t deliver it on account of that address don’t exist.

It’s a crazy ride, this album, is all I can tell you right now. It grew on me, and I find things in it that are fantastic every time I listen.

I’m going to see if I can’t find somebody to get it put out on a record, a CD.

Right now that might mean attracting more attention to it, I think it’s more of a job than one person can handle. So, my granddaughter helped me with how to work this blog thing and talk about this record.

Stick with me on it, it may prove to be very worth your while.

Ok I looked at it and you got to go over to the right, “sidebar” to get the page that has my reviews, one by one, of what’s on this record.


~ by ufraidees on February 9, 2010.

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